Name :   Micah slifer
Year :   
Comment :   Catdome is the best college football website ever made its my home page
Name :   Denny arter
Year :   1991
Comment :   This is awesome. Great job. Love the Big Hits Clips!!!!
Name :   Chris Lewis
Year :   1993
Comment :   Nice work on the website it is nice to see the D-line represent like this.
Name :   Bubs
Year :   1997
Comment :   RC- Im with the rest of the guys...I think the guy that holds the single season sack record should stop being so modest and finally publish that WC11 highlight tape. Great job...keep it up.
Name :   Jim Winston
Year :   1982
Comment :   Hey Ryan, Nice Web site! Saw you Play down here at Redlands one year. Great Job! Jim Winston #65 1982
Name :   Jay Bacus
Year :   2001
Comment :   Carlson, the website is a proud representation of Linfield Football- you have done a very good job!! This week with the Linfield WOU game- does anybody know the overall count of Linfield wins vs WOU wins????? I work with a bunch of WOU alum and they nee
Name :   joe pate
Year :   1999
Comment :   what up carlson? 619 5198900
Name :   Wildcat11
Year :   1998
Comment :   Number 8! Good to hear from you my man. I will let you know now that you will be one of my Legends for next vid season. Looks like we have some good young D-Line pups from the islands. Miss you my man and youll always be my #1 Linfield Defensive End.
Name :   Da Caboose 8
Year :   1996-1999
Comment :   Carlson is the Greatest Defensive Lineman in all the land. Post a highlight of the Legendary #11 so I can reminisce on how fun it was to have him on the other end of the Stongest Link! Nice job on the website. Get choke good stuffs on em. Aloha.
Name :   Chris NAsh
Year :   1991
Comment :   
Name :   Kyle Bradstreet
Year :   03
Comment :   When do we get to see the RC Linfield Legends highlights??
Name :   Taylor Reibin
Year :   2012
Comment :   I am currently looking into joining the Wildcats Football Team next season.
Name :   Diane Welch
Year :   
Comment :   Pretty good job for a son in law. Love Mom
Name :   Rob Calhoon
Year :   1984 - 86
Comment :   Member of the 84 championship team. Outstanding job on this web site - Very informational
Name :   tristan patin
Year :   2010
Comment :   
Name :   gig Harbor Cat
Year :   1972
Comment :   A real piece of work- both Wildcat 11 and Catdomealumni. Phone it in GHC
Name :   Dan Hull
Year :   2008
Comment :   Whats up, man? Nice site. Love it.
Name :   WC11
Year :   
Comment :   DO.C., Fine. Ill dig around my old tapes and post up a quick clip in the blog of one of my favorite memories as an individual.
Name :   DOC
Year :   forever
Comment :   Lets get this guest book started! Hey! A fact is a would not be tooting your horn to finally put your clip on the site. We all would enjoy that.
Name :   Wildcat11
Year :   
Comment :   The Guestbook is back on-line. Sorry that all the previous entries were lost in the server change over. Enjoy the new videos and blog entries and remember: Go Cats!!!!