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2009 Alumni Game
Saturday, Oct 17th
The Catdome
7:30 PM
The 2009 Alumni vs JV game has been set and the setting has never been better.  
During Homecoming on Saturday, Oct 17th the Linfield Wildcats will battle the Lewis
and Clark Pioneers at 1pm at the Catdome.  Then later that evening, under the lights,
the past and future of the Linfield program will square off for the 6th time during the
past 5 seasons.  As usual, the game will be full 15 minutes quarters with some slight
modified rules but this will be a full contact scrimmage.
Cost: This is dependant on the numbers of players that will be taking part of the game.  
The Alumni team will try to keep the cost down low and typically runs between
$10-$20 per alumni player.  All you need are some cleats and a mouthpiece.  The
program will provide all the gear you need.
Notice:  Do be aware that you'll be playing full contact football and there is always the threat of injury.  Please make sure that you
are medically covered (insurance) as there is no blanket converage for the players that participate.
Alumni/JV Game Scores:
2008: Alumni Team Win
10/1/2007: Alumni 54-16
11/5/2006: Alumni 35-14
11/5/2005: Junior Var. 20-17
9/19/2005: Alumni 10-7
2009 Roster (TBD)
Running Backs:
Tight Ends:
Offensive Line
Defensive Line:
Defensive Backs:
Want To Play?
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Coordinator Coach
Brandon Hazenberg